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Education Services

Get Customer Training Best Practices and Advisory with TSIA

Are you struggling to define a successful customer training strategy that will lay the foundation for continued customer success? TSIA’s data-driven
insights, peer-learning opportunities, and detailed analysis of top customer training trends allow our members to successfully increase product adoption
and customer usage within their organizations. At TSIA, we have a dedicated research practice and a team of industry experts to help technology companies build
and grow their customer training programs, called "Education Services." TSIA’s Education Services membership can provide your organization with the most
comprehensive benchmarking data in the industry, exclusive insights on current trends, and expert advice along the way. We help your organization train
customers for long-term success. 

Top Customer Training Challenges  

Here’s a look at the top business challenges we’re currently helping our Education Services members across the globe solve: 

Developing an education services business model
Defining education services metrics
Identifying the subscription model definition for customer training
Developing education services pricing practices and policies

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TSIA Can Help

Whether your company is still trying to answer the question, “How should we develop an education services program?” or you’re part of a mature customer training organization, TSIA can help you and your team drive profitable growth and increase product adoption.

Experience Our Customer Training Research

Get solutions to your customer training challenges around pricing, renewal, social strategy, and more.


The Consumption Conundrum Measuring the Success of Your Education Programs

Creating content is pointless if no one is consuming it. In this webinar, we’ll explore strategies to ensure your content gets into the right hands.


State of Education Services 2021 Fulfilling the Product Adoption Objective

Learn what your education organization must do to revamp its strategy for 2021 and fulfill its product adoption objective.

Research Report

The State of Education Services: 2021

Trends in education services and what ES organizations must do to shift their strategic paradigm to one that truly drives product adoption.


How the Pandemic Has Impacted Classroom Training

What happens to education revenue when it is highly dependent on face-to-face training and most of the world is mandating social distancing?


How the Pandemic Has Impacted Virtual Instructor-Led Training

The impact of COVID-19 on virtual instructor-led training.


How the Pandemic Has Impacted Onsite Training

The impact of COVID-19 on onsite training.

Data View

Collaboration Between Education Services and Support Services

Analysis of five key questions that were asked about collaboration between education services and support services organizations.

Member Spotlight

Data Analytics and Education Services

Using TSIA's 5-step Consumption Analytics Framework, this case study examines Juniper University Education Services (JUES) journey to data powerhouse.


Optimizing Education Revenue in the New Normal

In this TSIA webinar, we’ll discuss current revenue status and review some approaches customer training orgs can take to maintain and grow revenue.

Research Report

TSIA Education Services Benchmarking

This report provides details on TSIA's current benchmarking methodology for education services.


Stories from the Frontline Managing an Education Business Amid a Pandemic

Join us to hear the frontline experiences of two TSIA member companies who are adapting their models to fit and address current challenges.

Research Report

Slides | Customer Training in the Time of Coronavirus

Get insight into how COVID-19 is impacting customer training organizations today and how they’re responding to current challenges.


Attend a TSIA Conference

TSIA conferences offer extensive insight and actionable takeaways for those in the education services community. You’ll learn how to streamline your services while improving customer satisfaction and decreasing attrition rates. In addition, you’ll find the answers to the following questions:

  • Beyond the smile sheets: How is education services measuring value?
  • How is education services partnering with other service lines to enhance or improve the customer experience?
  • Which technology education services is using in the provision of its learning and content development?
Maria Manning-Chapman speaking at TSW

Experience Our Community

Join our community of education services leaders.

Meet Our Education Services Research Expert

Maria Manning-Chapman is TSIA’s vice president of education services research. She works closely with member companies to deliver research and advisory programs focused on helping them optimize their customer training organizations and effectively drive product usage and customer adoption.

Learn more about Maria.


Education Services Advisory Board

This elite group of professionals advises TSIA on how to best deliver relevant programs, research, and events to members.


Jan Meyer
SVP, Global Head of Digital Learning Solutions & Product Knowledge Portfolio


Donna Walker
Director, Global Skills Initiative

Emerson Automation Solutions

Jeffrey Hackney
Director, Global Educational Services

Google Cloud

Rochana Golani
Director of Learning Services


TSIA Member Outcomes

Enhancing education services offers and achieving revenue growth.

See the impact TSIA is making on the technology and services industry by helping education services organizations improve their performance.