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Expand Selling

Develop A Successful Upsell and Cross-Sell Strategy with TSIA

For Services leaders with a defined revenue target, increasing sales and cross-sell opportunities is key, but defining a strategy for success
requires a data-driven plan. At TSIA, we have a research and advisory practice dedicated to the land and expand strategy which we call
“Expand Selling. ” TSIA’s Expand Selling membership can provide your organization with exclusive insights on expansion selling trends,
the most comprehensive benchmarking data in the industry, and expert advice along the way. You’ll discover how to effectively utilize
services touchpoints to increase revenue from existing customers. 

Top Upsell and Cross-Sell Challenges

Here’s a look at several of the business challenges we help our Expand Selling members across the globe solve: 

How to get started with Expand Selling
Creating customer engagement models to drive upsell and cross-sell
Growing service revenue with Expand Selling
How to segment upsell and cross-sell opportunities
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TSIA Can Help

If your organization is struggling to develop an effective method for driving revenue through cross-sell and upsell, or is unclear who should be taking the lead on these initiatives, TSIA’s Expand Selling research and advisory practice can help.

Experience Our Research

Access TSIA’s data-driven research vault to unlock exclusive reports, webinars, peer insights and best practices.

TSIA’s analysts and industry experts offer deep insight from the largest vault of technology and service data so that you can stay a step ahead of your peers with the latest expansion sales strategies and best practices. 


Chatbots for B2B Lead Generation: How to Deliver Conversations at Scale

Learn how modern conversational chatbots can help companies engage prospects with personalized, contextual information at scale.

Research Report

Account Intelligence for Customer Growth

This report offers valuable insights into where to focus your time and resources around analytics, customer data, and account intelligence.


How to Find Leads for Services

Join us for this 30-minute webinar to discuss best practices for involving Services in the Sales process.


A 30-Minute Crash Course on the World of Sales

To work effectively with your Sales teams, it’s imperative to understand their mindset, culture, and language. Get your 30-minute crash course.

Research Report

Expand Selling for Education Services

How to turn interactions between instructors and customers into leads and actionable insights for sales, benefiting your company and the customer.

Research Report

How to Close Upsells with Services and Customer Success

This report gives guidance on how to involve services and customer success teams in upselling to existing customers.

Research Report

Engaging Services and Customer Success in the Sales Process

Across the technology industry, companies are under pressure to use their limited Sales and Marketing resources to increase revenue - effectively . . .

Research Report

How Services and Marketing Can Work Together for Customer Growth

This report gives guidance on the ways that services and marketing teams can work together to foster customer growth.

Research Report

How to Launch a Lead Generation Program with Services and Customer Success

A step-by-step guide for how to launch a pilot lead generation program at your company by utilizing your services and customer success teams.


Helping Will Sell Selling Won't Help

Find out how your Services and Customer Success teams can help drive revenue growth for your company, while helping improve customer outcomes.


Engaging Services in the Sales Process

Join us to learn when, where, and how Services teams should be brought into the sales process to help drive low-cost revenue growth.


The State of Expand Selling 2018

Get the latest TSIA research, industry trends, and data point that a shift in how technology companies are acquiring low-cost revenue in 2018.


Attend a TSIA Conference

TSIA conferences offer extensive insight and actionable takeaways for executives in the technology and services community. Learn more about combining your Sales and Services teams to scale your business, including:

  • The partnership between Sales and Services
  • Engaging Services and Customer Success in the sales process
  • Using data to find new opportunities with existing customers
Martin Dove speaking at TSW

Experience Our Community

Join our community of expand selling leaders.

Have questions about navigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic? Ask your peers at TSIA Exchange—a free forum for technology, services, sales, and product teams to ask questions and get answers together.


Meet Our Expand Selling Research Expert

Steve Frost is the vice president and managing director of revenue research and advisory for TSIA. He also serves TSIA’s vice president of expand selling research. Steve helps member companies grow their services, subscription, and XaaS revenue by optimizing their practices for growth throughout the customer lifecycle.

Learn more about Steve.


Expand Selling Advisory Board

This elite group of professionals advises TSIA on how to best deliver relevant programs, research, and events to members.


Denise Rundle
General Manager, Support Sales

Splunk, Inc.

Doug May
VP, Global Field Success

Vital, A Toshiba Medical Systems Group Company

Russ Nettle
VP, Services

Riverbed Technology, Inc

Jason Ryssemus
SVP, Global Sales Operations


TSIA Member Outcomes

Leveraging Services touchpoints to drive qualified leads for sales.

See the impact TSIA is making on the tech industry by helping Expand Selling organizations improve their performance.