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Field Services


Your Resource for Navigating this Economy

With the current economic conditions, companies are talking about cutting costs... but cutting in the wrong places could have long term negative impacts.

Where do you cut back to reduce costs without compromising productivity or profits? And how do you find places where you can actually grow revenue? TSIA can help you with that.

From best practices for incident management and optimizing telemetry utilization, to leverage field resources for cross-selling and new offers, and a whole lot more, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no better time than now to be a TSIA field services member!

Get Field Services Benchmarking, Industry Research, and Advisory with TSIA

If your company has equipment on customer premise that you service, TSIA’s Field Services research practice is for you.
We work directly with organizations to help them optimize and evolve their field service business model.

TSIA Has Helped Members

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Increase Services Revenue, Reduce Costs, and Mitigate Strategic Risks

With the most comprehensive field services benchmark in the industry, TSIA can identify performance gaps and, more importantly, provide recommendations to you and your team on how to close those gaps with proven industry best practices.


Top Field Services Challenges

Here’s a look at the top business challenges we’re currently helping our Field Services members across the globe solve:

Creating Differentiated Field Service Offers That Increase Customer Value
Outsourcing Field Services to a 3rd Party Provider
Latest Field Service KPIs and Metrics
Aligning Service Strategy
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TSIA Can Help

Digital technologies are disrupting traditional business models, and TSIA can help you increase your services revenue stream, reduce costs, and mitigate strategic risks, while you manage the transformation.

Experience Our Research

Get a glimpse into our vault of board-ready data insight, thought leadership, best practices,
and trends in field services.

TSIA’s Field Services research is backed by over one million data points, and covers topics like digital transformation and IoT, monetizing services, managing talent, increasing install base under contract, pursuing technology-as-a-service offers, and more.


Unlocking Revenue Growth with Customer Loyalty in Field Services

Get insight and benchmark data on how to implement a comprehensive customer satisfaction and loyalty process to ensure recurring revenue growth.


Enabling the Journey from Reactive to Predictive to Proactive Support

Learn best practices from industry experts on how to move from reactive to predictive to proactive support and improve customer business outcomes.


Emerging Trends in Managing the Customer Lifecycle in Industrial Equipment

Join us as we explore the state of services in industrial equipment and discuss how the pandemic is accelerating digital transformation for OEMs.

Research Report

Field Services Workforce Compensation Study 2019 Report (Abridged)

Results of the TSIA 2019 Field Services Workforce Compensation Study.


The Layers of Customer Loyalty

Join TSIA’s team of support services research executives as they share benchmark data to provide insights on the three layers of customer loyalty.

Research Report

The State of Support Services: 2020

This report discusses key marketplace trends and critical capabilities that support services organizations must acquire to ensure success in 2020.


The Future of Field Services The Impact of COVID 19

Get insight into the future of OEM business models, the role of remote services, workforce management, and key capabilities to succeed post-pandemic.

Research Report

Slides | Reactive and Predictive and Prescriptive Support Oh My!

Making the move from Reactive to Predictive to Proactive / Prescriptive Support for all support organizations.

Research Report

Slides | Successfully Partnering with 3rd Parties in Field Services

Discover outsourcing models, performance metrics, operational best practices, and much more.


Reactive and Predictive and Prescriptive Support Oh My

Learn the benefits of moving from Reactive to Predictive to Proactive / Prescriptive Support in support organizations.


Successfully Partnering with 3rd Parties in Field Services 1

We'll set the record straight on field service metrics, best practices, and more.

Research Report

Impact of COVID-19 on OEM Field Service Organizations

This report looks at the impact of COVID-19 on OEM field service organizations.


Attend a TSIA Conference

TSIA conferences offer extensive insight and actionable takeaways for those in the field services community. You’ll find sessions focused on:

  • Moving from free to fee with differentiated field service offers
  • Emerging trends in spare parts, logistics, and supply chain
  • Best practices in monetizing IoT services
Vele Galovski speaking at TSW

Experience Our Community

Join our community of field service leaders.

Meet Our Field Services Research Executives

This team of expert research executives heads up our field services research practice.

Field Services Advisory Board

This elite group of professionals advises TSIA on how to best deliver relevant programs, research, and events to members.

Oracle Corporation

Keith Stanback
VP, North America & Global Cloud HW Support

Pitney Bowes

Scott Schronce
SVP, Global Services

Dell Technologies

Bob Feiner
Sr. VP of Dell Technologies Global Deployment and Partner Services

Cisco Systems

Ashlie Wallace
VP, Global Services Logistics and Workforce Multiplier


TSIA Member Outcomes

Reducing costs, increasing service revenue, and driving adoption.

See the impact TSIA is making on the tech industry by helping field services organizations improve their performance.