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The Next Level of Scaling Customer Success

Technology companies are moving through a period of uncertainty. Lessons learned from previous crises tell us in times like these, there are opportunities to innovate. One of the key areas of opportunities within customer success is how to effectively scale your organization.

In 2019, TSIA introduced a new framework called the Dynamic Engagement Model. Dynamic engagement represents the alignment of human and digital resources to cost-effectively deliver against the promise of your company’s technology and service offers. The foundational principle of the Dynamic Engagement Model is to put the right resources at the point in the customer’s journey that delivers the best possible experience, but in the most cost-effective manner. There is a long road ahead for companies to achieve this utopian state, but there are companies who are clearly moving in this direction and learning to effectively scale their organization.

In this virtual summit, TSIA will bring together experts from across the industry to provide best practice guidance along with case studies. Whether you have an emerging customer success organization or a well-established function, there will be something for everyone.


9:00: Introduction | Phil Nanus, VP, Customer Success Research, TSIA

9:15: Amazing Customers Experience at Scale | Tony Pante, Global Leader Digital Center of Excellence, Customer First and Keith Strodtman, COO, Customer First, SAP

Providing amazing customer experiences at scale requires a few critical things: a data-driven approach, powerful tools, simple, humanized, and relevant content and a strong mindset to make customers successful. This presentation will focus on the approach taken and lessons learned in building and running a Digital COE at SAP.

9:40: Experiences Users Crave. Margins CFOs Want. The New Customer Success is Digital & Dynamic | Guy Nirpaz, CEO & Founder, Totango

The largest A/B test in the world is underway and the results are in. Yesterday's customer engagement models no longer align with the way customers are experiencing your products and services. An alternative operating model, one that is focused on high frequency of remote engagement with much faster delivery times and without physical, people-first interactions is viable and efficient. Scale - specifically scaling personalized, context-based engagement and touchpoints with your customers while not scaling people, is an imperative to delivering on your services and value to your customers and retaining them. Guy Nirpaz, founder & CEO of Totango will share his learnings from thousands of customers that have led to some of the most exciting breakthroughs in CS.

10:10: Powering Breakthrough Customer Success with Product-Led Growth | Kellie Capote, VP, Customer Success, Gainsight

Balancing human and digital touch has never been easier with the many customer success and product management tools available. But how do you combine these powerful tools into a winning strategy for your customers? This session will provide best practices and concrete examples on how to unlock the synergies between customer success and product-led growth to drive onboarding, adoption, retention and growth.

10:40: Precision Engagement at Scale: Pairing Experts with Individual Users | David McKenney, SVP, Digital Advancement, Bentley Systems

Users often need help from technical experts who are not full-time Customer Success Managers.  The challenges of providing personal attention from the right expert, in the appropriate time zone, with the user’s preferred language can be intimidating. Learn how Bentley Systems is optimizing expert resources to provide personal, precision engagement to users.

11:05: Optimizing and Measuring Impact of Customer Success at Scale | Teresa Anania, VP of Global Customer Success & Renewals, Zendesk

Optimized customer segmentation and outcome-focused engagements, tailored to customer needs and business goals enable a sustainable Customer Success organization and funding model. Now more critical than ever in this post-COVID era, learn pragmatic, actionable methods to build/refine "scaled CS" across all customer segments by leveraging key customer insights, repeatable playbooks and orchestrated digital, and low-touch human engagement, including a framework for measuring impact on customer ROI and business goals.

11:30: Delivering Customer Outcomes at Scale with Digital Augmentation | Ashok Gunasakaren, VP, Customer Success/Digital Experience, Informatica

With the growth of subscription business, Informatica found new ways to deliver customer outcomes at scale across all segments of customers. In this session, Ashok will share best practices in delivering digital on-boarding with success portal, ML and AI driven customer engagement (Elastic touchpoints), and dynamic process automation in engaging adoption driving functions at the right time.

11:55: Wrap Up and Q&A | Phil Nanus, VP, Customer Success Research, TSIA


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Phil Nanus

VP, Customer Success Research, TSIA

Publish Date: June 18, 2020